In The Beginning: God Done It? No, Pixies Done It!

In any content that specifies “God”, simply substitute “Pixie” or “Sprites” for God and the content will in any case bode well. It’s simply subbing the name of one fanciful substance for another. I could go through the whole Bible and substitute for different key characters Father Pixie, Son of Pixie, and Ghost of Pixie. The writings would in any case make precisely the same measure of sense as before-the-reality – or, in other words practically nothing.

For instance: first and foremost Pixies made the paradise and the earth. Also, the earth was without structure, and void; and murkiness was upon the essence of the profound. Furthermore, the Spirit of the Pixies moved upon the essence of the waters. What’s more, the Pixies said, “Let there be light” and there was light. What’s more, the Pixies saw the light, that it was acceptable: and the Pixies partitioned the light from the haziness. What’s more, the Pixies called the light Day, and the obscurity they called Night. Also, the evening and the morning were the main day. Simple!

1) Cosmology:

The Traditional Theist Kalam Father George Rutler Cosmological Argument: Everything that creatures to exist has a reason. The Universe started to exist. Hence the Universe has a [First] Cause. Along these lines God done it. Obviously a definitive end doesn’t of need follow from the premises, yet that little coherent paradox hasn’t at any point prevented theists from getting on board with the God done it fleeting trend.

My Polytheistic Variation on the Traditional Kalam Cosmological Argument: Everything that creatures to exist has a reason. The Universe started to exist. In this manner the Universe has a [First] Cause. Subsequently a group of supernatural Pixies should be dependable. It similarly bodes well.

In the event that one reasons that our reality is well on the way to exist given a group of enchanted Pixies who needed to make it, at that point it is generally sane to put stock in such a group of mysterious Pixies. In the event that theists can make wild attestations – without proof – about the presence of their favored divinity (God), His intentions and His qualities then I also can make wild affirmations about Pixies and their thought processes and their attributes. What’s useful for the God-goose is useful for the Pixie-gander.

Disclaimer: Just saying that God made life, the Universe and everything doesn’t make it so anything else than my idiom that Pixies done it makes it so. God (or Pixies) is simply something we make up to answer something we don’t yet know the authoritative response to.

One complaint by theists is that a group of Pixies advocates polytheism, and further would duplicate logical substances past need subsequently contradicting some common norms of Occam’s Razor. Notwithstanding, the group of Pixies reflects the theist’s group of gods. For my situation, the Pixie family comprises of Father Pixie, Son of Pixie and Ghost of Pixie! What’s more, incidentally, Occam’s Razor is only a legitimate manual for building up which of different contending speculation is more probable as not the right theory. Notwithstanding, it isn’t trustworthy. It isn’t the most important thing in the world pathway to truth.

A subsequent protest is that the “Child of Pixie” isn’t something that follows or can be derived from the customary Kalam cosmological contention given over, anything else than Jesus follows as a needed being from contending the theist’s adaptation of the production of the Universe – the First Cause necessity.